JA Business Week Tuition dollars Program


What is the JA Business Week Tuition dollars Program?

The Tuition Dollars program can help you cover the cost of attending JA Business Week.  By completing different activities you earn a discount towards the JA Business Week fee!  Click here for a full description of the Tuition Dollars program.  After you have completed your Tuition Dollars activities, you must fill out a Tuition Dollars Submission Form so that your account can be credited.

Who is qualified to participate in the JA Business Week Tuition dollars Program?

Every student that completes registration for JA Businesses Week can participate.  The full JA Business Week fee is $550, $25 of which is a non-refundable registration fee.  You can earn up to a $200 discount to apply towards the JA Business Week fee utilizing the JA Business Week Tuition Dollars Program.  If you choose the GoFundMe fundraising activity, you can earn up to the full cost. (Read on to find out how!) In addition to this program, students can also apply for a JA Business Week Scholarship.

What if I completed TUITION Dollars Last year?

All students wishing to earn Tuition Dollars must compete the activities for this year, even if you participated last year.

Can I earn tuition dollars for a friend?

No.  It’s up to each individual student to earn their own money! 

If I fundraise using GoFundMe, is there a limit on how much I can earn?

You can fundraise the full $525! There is no $200 limit if you choose this option. Friends, family and anyone else you can think of can pay as little as $1 up to $525, leaving you with a cost of $0! Be sure to read the rules and regulations regarding GoFundMe

Can I fundraise and complete other activities?

Yes!  You can utilize the fundraising option in two ways.  Use this option to raise the full amount of $525 or combine it with another activity.  For example, if you write a letter to a JA Sponsor ($100), refer three friends ($75) and complete Early Bird Registration ($25), you earn a $200 discount.  You can then use the GoFundMe fundraising option to earn the remaining $325, or you can raise only a portion of the balance and pay the rest.  

How do I notify JA that I have completed these activities so the money is applied towards my JA Business Week fee?

It’s easy!  Click here to submit your JA Business Week Tuition Dollars Activities.  JA will notify you to verify the money has been applied to your account.  

Do I have to complete all of these activities?

No, it’s up to you how many activities you complete.  You can earn up to a $200 discount to apply towards your JA Business Week fee.  If you complete more than $200 worth, that money will not be applied to your account (unless you combine it with the GoFundMe fundraising activity).  

What are the activities I can complete in the JA Business Week Tuition dollars Program to earn up to a $200 discount?

All of the activities are explained in a document here.  This is the best place to read through all the options and decide what you want to do.

$25 – Submit all documentation including the registration form, scholarship application (if applicable), Tuition Dollars activities, and make payments in full by April 21, 2017.

$25 – Create a "Why JA Matters" video and email your video to GReece@JAColorado.org. For examples of videos, click here. Videos must be 20 seconds in length and conducted in a professional manner. 

$25 – Early Bird Discount. Simply compete the online registration form and pay your $25 registration fee by March 17, 2017.

$25 – Returning students can write a testimonial for JA’s website.  You can see examples of testimonials here. You will be asked to type in your testimonial when you submit your Tuition Dollars form.

$25 - Refer a friend to JA Business Week. You will be asked to provide their names when you submit your Tuition Dollars form. Each student you refer who completes their registration, including the $25 registration fee, will earn you $25 off your tuition, up to $200. You will earn the $25 at the time of their registration. 

$100 – Write a letter to a JA Business Week Sponsor.  Click here for more information. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ginny Reece at Greece@JACOLORADO.ORG.