Company advisors

The Company Advisor (CA) position is the most influential and rewarding role within JA Business Week. CAs help the students interpret business theory presented by the speakers, work through realistic lesson plans, and understand the decisions needed to operate a company via discussion and activities.

“I can proudly say that this was one of the most fulfilling weeks of my entire life. As a young entrepreneur myself, it is so amazing to see other young adults interested in becoming an entrepreneur.” – Jon Kim,  Company Advisor


primary responsibilities

  • Mentor 10 to 12 JA Business Week student participants throughout the week as they work together on a project for a real Colorado company.

  • During your daily company meetings, you will guide students with prepared lesson plans, oversee student activities, work with the students on leadership and teambuilding activities, and discuss career options and goals. The students learn from your experience and see the business world through your first-hand accounts. These meetings take place in your classroom (a classroom at the university that is dedicated to your group)!

  • Attend keynote lectures and workshops with students. Interpret and reinforce lecture information in company meetings. Evaluate presenters at daily Company Advisor meeting. Network with business professionals from a variety of industries in a casual, informal atmosphere.

  • Lead a cohesive student company involving all students in the group. Motivate, encourage and support.

What kind of training is provided?

  • Previous experience with JA Business Week is not required.

  • Training is completely encompassed in a required training session at Johnson and Wales University in June.

What characteristics make for a great CA?

  • An open mind and heart

  • Appreciation for high school students and the diversity of their interests

  • A basic knowledge of America’s free enterprise system

  • Experience participating in Colorado’s business community

  • At least 21 years old

  • Willingness to share personal experiences and career path to help participants understand and recognize their own potential

  • Ability and desire to have fun!

Why would I want to be a CA?

  • Chance to work with high school students and be a mentor to them

  • Personal and professional leadership development

  • Learn new things from students

  • Network with other CAs and guest speakers

  • Chance to represent your company

  • It’s FUN!

Why might my employer want me to be a CA?

  • Develop employee’s skills in leadership, organization, public speaking and business practices

  • Exposure of company to other CAs, guest speakers, and JA board of directors

  • Chance to give employee a “mental break” and be re-charged when coming back to work

  • Give back to the community and help train youth to be prepared for the business world

What materials does JA provide to volunteers?

JA provides CAs with a curriculum binder, a kit of student supplies (markers, tape, sticky notes, band aids, etc.), laptops on loan for the week, tools for motivating students (snacks and icebreaker supplies), and tons of support throughout the week.

What happens if my students misbehave?

CAs receive training on the Code of Ethics and the JA Business Week “three strikes” policy. JA staff members are always onsite at the JA Business Week Headquarters Office, so CAs can send students to the office when the situation can’t be managed in the CA classroom. CAs receive help from fellow CAs and from JA staff throughout the week during daily lunch meetings and off-the-cuff conversations. We’re here for you the whole time!

Do CAs have to sleep on campus?

JA provides room and board for CAs; however, it is not required that a CA sleep in the dorm.

What does the CA schedule look like?

  • You’ll arrive on Sunday, June 9 by 10 a.m. and you’ll wrap up Friday, June 14 at 4 p.m.

  • Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening are dedicated to project orientation and group bonding.

  • Monday through Thursday, activities begin at 8 a.m. and end at varying times in the evening

  • JA will provide the specific schedule of meetings, workshops, and site visits, as well as the curriculum outline for the student projects.

  • Since personal work time is provided, the expectation is that you are NOT working when you are present with your students.


To sign up, or to follow up with additional questions, please contact Leah Caputo at 303-628-7377  or CAs are required to pass a background test and participate in a brief phone interview.