The total cost to attend JA Business Week is $550, which includes a $25 non-refundable registration fee that must be paid by all applicants. This is an all-inclusive fee that covers room and board for the entire duration of the program.  

Thanks to the generosity of JA's supporters, we are able to offer partial need-based scholarships of up to $325. Students can apply for a scholarship by completing the scholarship application on the registration platform. Even students applying for scholarship must pay the $25 registration fee.

Payments are non-refundable.

Scholarships are available thanks to JA sponsors and donors. Students can apply for financial aid through the regular JA Business Week application.

JA Business Week Tuition dollars Program

The JA Business Week Tuition Dollars program can help you cover the cost of attending JA Business Week by up to $200. By completing different activities, you’ll earn a discount towards the JA Business Week fee! Every student who completes registration for JA Business Week can participate. 

Tuition dollars activities:

Refer a Friend ($50) - Refer a friend to JA Business Week. You will be asked to provide their names when you submit your Tuition Dollars. Each student you refer who completes their registration, including the $25 registration fee, will earn you $50 off your tuition, up to $200.

Write a Letter ($100) - Write a letter to a JA Business Week sponsor. Click here for more information. 

JA Call-A-Counselor ($100) - JA is excited to offer a new opportunity to earn $100 towards tuition as part of our Tuition Dollars program for students! This is not only a chance to knock some dollars off of tuition, but also to help energize local schools around JA Business Week. Specifically, JA invites interested students to participate in making calls to school counselors. Participants will call high school counselors to provide them with information about JA Business Week, urging them to share this awesome opportunity with their students JA Call-a-Counselor will take place Mondays in March (11, 18, and 25), 2019. Specific times/locations to be announced.

JA Thank-A-Thon ($100) - This opportunity allows students to thank the dedicated individuals who have volunteers their time and energy in classrooms across Denver. Participants will call JA volunteers to thank them for their time and to let them know how JA has impacted their life. The students who did this last year gave us great feedback, and the people they called appreciated it so much! JA Thank-a-Thon will take place during Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 7-13, 2019. Specific times/locations to be announced.

Short Business Essays ($50 to $100) - You may choose to write one (for $50 credit) or two (for $100 credit) short business essay(s) based on provided prompts. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Leah Caputo at