2019 JA Business Week Projects

First Year Students:

Students attending JA Business Week for the first time will design a new product and marketing plan for Otter Products Outdoor line and increase product awareness in this category. Students will gain access to top-level industry professionals and local entrepreneurs, and see the inner workings of Otter Products’s engineering, testing, and production processes.  JA is grateful for the sponsorship of this project from Fort Collins-based Otter Products and The Otter Cares Foundation.

returning students:

waterworld logo.png

Water World

Students returning to JA Business Week will develop an employee recruitment campaign and presentation for Water World to help the company attract up to 1,000 new seasonal 15-21 year old employees. Creative problem solving will be essential for success and the viability of the employee recruitment campaign. Students will examine the current employee demographics and recruitment strategies used by Water World and meet with Water World representatives on site in Federal Heights.

JA Venture Academy logo.png

JA Venture academy (Optional)

JA Venture Academy students will dive into entrepreneurship by creating their own businesses, learning from real-life serial entrepreneurs. Students returning to JA Business week for the third or fourth year are eligible to participate in this experience, however, JA Venture Academy spots are limited and will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis. All interested students must apply in order to be considered. You can apply for this program by selecting JA Venture Academy in your JA Business Week application. If you have questions, please contact Leah Caputo at BusinessWeek@JAColorado.org.