I’ve attended JA Business Week for three years, and each year was better than the last. JA Business Week will be my favorite memory I have had during my high school career and has taught me more than anything else I have done.
— Mark Calkins
JA Business Week was the best experience of my life. It gave kids like me the opportunity to reach a future greater than ourselves. I learned things that will help me create my own career.
— Daniel Rivera
I feel confident now that I can do well and impress anyone in a professional setting. I feel better prepared for interviews and internships over the next few years.
— Mats Dale
I didn’t expect to have so much fun!
— Ursula Ledger
After JA Business Week, I am a lot more engaged and better prepared to enter the business world. I learned about wealth management, how to apply for scholarships, and about how to be an entrepreneur. JA Business Week has brightened the outlook of my future. I will take home the most important thing; how to be a successful and respected business woman.
— JA Business Week Student
My life has made a 180 degree turn, and I feel comfortable in pursuing my dream business career.
— Oliver Martinez
I am not interested in business, but the skills I’ve acquired here, such as team building, time and project management and leadership will carry me far.
— Morgan Katnik, Aerospace Engineering, CU Boulder 2020
This camp has changed my future.
— Miranda Brandford
This is the first year I’ve been here all week to volunteer, and I’m finding it an exceptionally rewarding program, not just for the kids, but for myself as well. They may not realize it now, but what our kids learning in this program will be useful for the rest of their adult lives.
— James Jonson
I became a more self-assured and confident individual. Thanks for letting me, personally, see the real me.
— Bruce Ahn
Because of this program I have a better understanding of how the business world works and what I need to accomplish to be successful. This experience has kick started my mind into the career I’m heading to.
— JA Business Week Student
Because of JA Business Week, I have acquired the skills and received proper training in how to be a successful business man. The volunteers boosted my confidence and taught me to network and how to find and make meaningful connections.
— JA Business Week Student
Before I attended his program I felt discouraged. Now I feel encouraged. I have a better understanding of networking, and the most important thing I will take with me is the social skills I learned. I feel better prepared for the business word now.
— Gabriel Overton
This experience really allowed me to take charge and be a leader in order to get our work done….I came to the conclusion that I want a position like this in my day to day job!
— Savannah Orth
Before I went to JA Business Week I was regretting signing up because I thought it would be boring. But now I don’t want to leave! This is one of the best summer programs I have ever been I and I’m going to miss it so much. I’m definitely coming back next year!
— Willow Verner